Instroducing all sports X

All Sports X is blockchain dedicated to sports marketing, sports IP NFT asset trading, sports middle-tier infrastructure implementation and game application development.

At present, the development of a decentralized community has been completed and currently we are working on our sports blockchain. All Sports X will support all future Defi and NFT sports projects and will build towards a community Dao.

The current team leader Cristiano is the founder of, the world's largest sports data analysis company.

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team introduction

Cristiano Acconci

Founder of, the world’s largest football statistics platform which has powered fantasy games and betting markets.
Cristiano has 12+ years’ experience in start-up management, product development and growth marketing.

Panos Lykos

Senior Engineer with 10+ years experience in project life cycles, data systems and user experience. Panos has also been in the Crypto space for past 4 years.

Serge Herzberg

Financial markets veteran with 15 years of tier 1 Investment bank experience. Expert in the liquidity management of financial instruments, trading and investment strategies. Investor and advisor of Crypto and NFT related companies.